Innovative and Unique

"One of my first strategies to implement as Director of Marketing and Recruiting was to initiate and lead the college through a rebranding process. I worked with Zab's team to conduct focus group and survey research with students, staff, faculty and community members, to guide RRCC’s rebranding process. This created a sense of involvement and appreciation from RRCC staff, faculty and students, which built support for the college to successfully implement, embrace and complete the rebranding process, creating a new tagline, new academic and athletic logos and a new sense of identity. Zab is an innovative, affordable, unique marketing consultant. Danielle and her team were efficient in leading RRCC through the rebranding process from the begin​ning to the end."
Molly Franz, Director of Marketing and Recruiting

We are over the moon over our new logo thanks to Zab!  As we operate on a much larger scale than years ago, it's FINALLY time to stop and MAKE time for a brand new look, branding, new logo, NEW bright fun product to give our retailers the fresh new items they come back for year after year.  Same amazing quality, sassy yet classy new labels and bright vibrant micas."

RaeAnne, Founder and CEO - Swanky Sweet Pea
RaeAnne Conat